We offer a more personal experience for people wanting to create a special art piece.

We work closely with our clients, bringing professional creativity and ability to the scene.

Our customers trust us to take their ideas and bring them into reality. We work best in situations where the customer has a general idea of what they want, but need help with the details.

After speaking to you about your ideas for the project, we are able to create specific elements using our signature style that still reflect those original ideas.

Designing a custom gate Insert

proudly made in the usa

You can trust that our old fashioned, built-in desire to produce only high quality products ensures you will be happy with the time and expense you invest in us.

Although we offer many products from existing designs, our expertise is creating original, one-of-a-kind designs. We especially enjoy creating layered, multi-dimensional and hybrid designs.


Special custom art:

  • Wall art
  • Ranch/estate gate entrances
  • Address signs
  • Mailbox numbers/names
  • Gate/fence art
  • Business signs
  • Plaques
  • Wood & Metal designs
  • Pet/Child Access Gates
  • Light fixtures
  • Table top art
  • Picture frames
  • Fire pits, Grills
  • Furniture frames

Custom industrial parts:

  • Gussets
  • Brackets
  • Supports
  • Adapter plates
  • Caster plates
  • Square/rectangular tubing holes/patterns


Although you can use any one of thousands of existing designs, most of our customers are looking for special custom art designs. This is our specialty and we work closely with our customers to create the perfect design. Either by starting from the design library and modifying or adding to it, or even working from just a photo or sketch, we can create the art you are envisioning.


Tom was very professional and easy to work with. We needed a doggie door that could open all the way for safety reasons. He came up with this adorable design and the turnaround was fairly quick. We absolutely love his work and he made it very easy to install. The quality is top notch. Thank you so much Tom!

J. Petit

Homeowner, Texas

I wanted a metal wall art piece for my friends’ 50th anniversary. I completely forgot about it until just a few days before the event. I contacted Tom Deans on American Metal Art with a general description of what I wanted and he was able to put together a design that was perfect. AND it was ready before the event! My friends love it! He is now making a piece for me! Thanks Tom!


Our Plasma Cutter

The ShopSabre SideKick CNC Plasma Series is our choice for our shop. They are made in the USA and are very solid, structurally rigid with a welded tube frame and use a large steel tube for the heart of its gantry. It uses high torque North American servo motors (dual on Y axis), with direct drive planetary gears. It is mated to a Hypertherm Powermax 65 plasma torch which allows us to cut up to 5/8 inch thick mild steel.

We are very happy with this machine and amazed at how accurate it can cut!



“It is such a pleasure to work with people to create a special piece for them , and then see their reaction when it is all finished.”